50 electric vehicle charging stations the UK

The National Grid has released details of a network of 50 electric vehicle charging stations across England and Wales and Scotland. According to the FT, the National grid has found that strategic placement of the chargers on the UK motorway network would put 90% of drivers within 50 miles of a charger. Given that range anxiety is consistently given as a major reason for detering consumers in adopting electric vehicles.

The National Grid’s plan is to use 350kW chargers across the network enabling electric vehicles to be charged in around five minutes, depending on battery size. This network of chargers would be integrated into the high-voltage electricity transmission network rather than the local grid so preventing any power shortages in areas already under pressure.

Chargemaster (https://chargemasterplc.com/) is currently working on the implementation of 150kW chargers for the UK and as the Government develops plans to make EVs ownership of EVs more popular amidst air quality concerns EV charge points will soon become mandatory at all large petrol stations and motorway services.

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