Choosing a Scrap Dealer

If you have decided that there is no point throwing more money at your old or maybe your car is a write-off and that scrapping it is the only realistic option, it is worth bearing in mind the importance of choosing a legal scrap dealer.

The number of scrap dealers found online is huge, but it is important to recognise the difference between legitimate operations and ones operating outside the law.

If you find the right scrapyard dealer, you won’t have to worry about all the little details.

Registered Scrap Dealer

Using a registered scrap dealer you know that your car will be disposed of in an environmentally-conscious way and that all and hazardous chemicals and oil are disposed of correctly so as not to pose a risk to other people or the environment.

Using a registered scrap dealer will also ensure that your car has been disposed of and that all the relevant forms have been filled in.

Certificate Of Destruction

You should receive a certificate of destruction (COD)to show the DVLA your vehicle has been scrapped. You dont want to find that the car you thought had been destroyed has actually been involved in an accident, because the scrap dealer resold/repaired your vehicle instead of scrapping it.

It could have all sorts of legal repercussions if you fail to produce the appropriate documentation which proves that your car has been disposed of properly and you are no longer the registered owner.

You MUST ensure you receive a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. It has been known for non registered scrap dealers to issue fake COD’s.

Another thing to consider is how you’re going to get your car to the scrap dealer. If your car isnt taxed or insured or isn’t road legal then you clearly can’t drive it there for disposal, and so you will have to arrange for it to be collected. Many scrap agents will collect your car but ensure there is no fee payable for this service.

Arranging a Price For Your Scrap Car

If arranging a price for your car online or over the phone ensure that you describe the vehicle fully and be careful to mention anything that will make collecting the vehicle difficult such as having no wheels or restricted access.

If not you may find the dealer may not offer you as much when they come to collect the car. If you are ringing around to get the best price ensure you only agree to sell the car to one agent. If an agent comes to collect your vehicle and its already been sold they may charge you a fee for wasting their time.

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