Vehicle Recycling

Car recycling in the UK is a major industry. To give an idea of the scale, there were around 32 million motor vehicles in use in 2015. Each year around 2 million new vehicles are registered and a similar number are scrapped / recycled. Around 1.2 million cars are recycled every year with around 80% of materials (mainly metal) being recycled. The remaining 20% goes to landfill.

As the number of cars on the road increases its important that we minimize the affect that car disposal has on the environment and we must take car recycling seriously. To give an idea of the effect incorrect disposal of motor can have see the facts below.

A car holds between 4-6 litres of oil but just one litre of motor oil is sufficient to contaminate over one million litres of water. Waste oil poured onto the ground can also affect soil fertility.

When tyres are disposed of in landfill, instability of the land can result. More worryingly it is unknown what long term effect the chemicals in the rubber will have.

At Any Scrap Car we take our responsibilities seriously and dispose of vehicles in an environmentally friendly. Car recyling is done according to regulations and we ensure that where possible parts are reused. As profesional car recyclers we ensure that all hazardous liquids are removed and disposed of in a safe manner. Tyres are removed followed by reusable parts such as batteries. Our car recycling service is quick and efficient. Simply complete the sell your car form will contact you as soon as possible or you can call us directly on the number below.

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