Sell Your Car For Scrap In Bolton

If you have a car, or a collection of cars that you are looking to sell, scrapping your car could be the best option!  In the last 10 – 15 years the scrap car industry has changed dramatically.  Gone are the days were you would phone the local scrap man and pay him to remove your old car.  Nowadays, even as scrap, your car is worth good money!

With the global price of scrap metal relatively high (it fluctuates, but hovers around the £80 per tonne area), the scrap car industry has been flipped on its head and companies like us will pay you money to take your car away!

Not only that, but we will even come to a place that is convenient to you in Bolton, or anywhere across the North-west for that matter, without any delivery costs incurred.

How Do I Scrap My Car?

So, how do you start the ball rolling in getting your car scrapped?  The first thing you should do is give us a call!  Our team are available on 01772 700 607 and will happily give you a quote based on the details you provide for the car.

Tell us about the car – age, make, model, any problems etc and we will let you know how much we will be willing to pay for it.  Don’t worry about getting the car to us, we will pick it up wherever you are (within 70 miles of our base in Preston).

If you accept our quote, we will arrange a time to come pick up the car, sort out all the paperwork with the DVLA so that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle, pick up the car when we arrange and leave you with the cash.  Simple.

The entire process is not a difficult one and we make it as easy and as straightforward as possible.  As mentioned, just get in touch!  If you don’t fancy phoning, feel free to use our online form to send us an email and we can respond via your preferred method to give you your quote.

Take a look at some of the vehicles that we have salvaged around Bolton in the recent weeks underneath.