Scrap Car Value

Scrapping your car is a decision that is not often taken easily. If you have had the car for a long while, the sentimental value will far outweigh the actual monetary value of the car. However, scrapping your car with us in Preston will often mean that another car can have a longer life, thanks to the parts provided from your recently scrapped vehicle.

So, the decision has been made to scrap. How much could you actually get? The amount you can get for your scrap car depends on a few different factors.

  • The type and age of your car
  • The amount of re-sellable parts left on the car
  • Global price of scrap metal

Any Scrap Car buy scrap cars from across the North West so that we can salvage parts from the cars and sell them to people who need high-quality spare parts at affordable prices. That’s the business model that we follow and allows us to offer more than just the scrap value of a vehicle.

Scrap yards that are only interested in the weight of the metal will only be able to offer you a certain amount as they will be limited to what they are able to make in return on the car.

Types of SCrap Cars

As we salvage spare parts, a car is often worth more to us than just the scrap metal value. Obviously, the more premium the model, the more the parts are worth. It’s no secret that the parts from a BMW 3 series are worth more than the part from a Citroen Saxo and as such we would be able to offer more for a BMW 3 series than we would for a Citroen Saxo.

Age of the Scrap Car

A newer vehicle, perhaps scrapped due to accident damage is also more likely to have better quality parts. Maybe an engine that has not done as many miles as an older version, a Catalytic Converter that still has many years left etc. Again, we would be able to offer. a more attractive quote to purchase the car.

Scrap Metal Price – Globally

The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to pricing a scrap car is the global price of scrap metal. This fluctuates quite often and is primarily the reason for the increase in scrap car companies popping up in the last 10-15 years.

Previously, it was a case of you having to phone the local scrap dealer and paying them a small fee to dispose of your car, as the price of scrap metal wasn’t worth the effort. However, due to the increase in the price of scrap metal, it is now the case that your scrap car is desirable and worth a few quid!

The prices that we pay for scrap cars is anywhere between £80 – £1000, depending on the points listed above. If you want a more accurate quote, please get in touch with us via the contact form, or by giving us a call on 01772 700 607